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Restaurant 1497

Welcome to 1497, a unique, eco-friendly space full of charm in the heart of a nature reserve, serving select organic Mediterranean cuisine.

Restaurant 1497: A place full of charm and, of course, good food

Our restaurant is truly unique, only for diners over 8 years old. It is located in the heart of a nature reserve and serves Mediterranean cuisine made with organic, seasonal, local produce. This combination makes our Restaurant 1497 a unique culinary destination just outside of Barcelona

  • From Monday to Saturday
    07:30pm 10:30pm
    Saturday night 08:00pm to 11.00pm
  • Sunday
    01:00pm 03:30pm
    07:30pm 22:30pm
Mas Salagros
Pallars beef steak tartare smoked in-house, with creamy mustard
Mas Salagros
Free-range egg with a turmeric-scented seed crisp on delicate Parmentier potatoes and Iberico pork cheek dice
Mas Salagros
Exotic cloud (passion fruit, coconut and white chocolate)
Tasting menu for two at Restaurant 1497

Come discover our tasting menu and 100% organic cuisine. Plus, you’ll enjoy the natural setting in great company. It will be quite the experience!

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