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Mas Salagros is the first 100% eco-friendly EcoResort on the peninsula

Our Commitment
Green Globe
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Mas Salagros is the first 100% eco-friendly EcoResort on the peninsula

We’re located in a nature reserve, with views of the Parc de la Serralada Litoral. Our location and our 100% sustainable operation make this the only place of its kind on the peninsula.
We also serve top-quality organic Mediterranean cuisine, made with seasonal produce. Because at Mas Salagros we are committed to responsible, sustainable tourism and we’ve become much more than just a hotel. In fact, our EcoResort also features a fantastic bath circuit managed by the international firm AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes.
We want each guest to have the full experience and embrace the slow movement: taking the time to enjoy each moment.

Sustainable tourism

The sustainable model of Mas Salagros is based on:

Green Globe certification

At Mas Salagros, we have the Green Globe certification, the highest standard for sustainability in the world. A certification granted to companies committed to sustainability in the tourism sector.

Efficient power consumption

All the buildings in the complex were built facing south to make the most of natural lighting, especially during the winter. The biomass boiler is the main source of heating: it is fuelled by wood chips from sustainably managed forests in Catalonia, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. We also have 250 m2 of solar panels, offering energy savings of 15%. Finally, low-energy LEDs and warm colours are used to ensure the minimum environmental impact.


It entails the use of plant-based roofs in Garden Suites and Superior Rooms. These roofs keep the surrounding temperature low, they act as thermal insulators, absorb CO2 and retain humidity and rain water, thus favouring biodiversity.


Our cuisine is prepared using organic, proximity products. We generate as little waste as possible to maximise environmental impact reduction


The Resort was decorated using fully restored, sustainable materials. The beds in all the bedrooms are made by hand, and textiles like pillows, covers, quilts and towels are also organic in origin.

Waste management

One of the important areas in the environmental management of a hotel is the reduction of waste generation. This is why we correctly separate and pay special attention to waste that is hazardous by adopting special measures. We encourage the composting of organic kitchen waste and pruning and garden waste, as well as promote recycling among the hotel’s employees and guests.

Reducing our carbon footprint

In 2018, we implemented a strategy to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. It is an environmental indicator that aims to reflect the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted both directly and indirectly. At Mas Salagros, we are committed to reducing these emissions.

Tesla Destination Charging

Mas Salagros is committed towards the environment, and to this end, it has adhered to Tesla Motors’ “Destination Charging” programme, whose objective is to afford our clients the opportunity of charging their vehicles while enjoying our slow philosophy. Additionally we have universal chargers at a reduced rate.



We are a 100% eco-friendly hotel. At Mas Salagros, we meet the standards established in European regulations on sustainability, which include building materials, energy efficiency and waste management. At Mas Salagros, you’ll find everything from eco-amenities to seasonal, local ingredients at the restaurant.


History of Mas Salagros

What is now Mas Salagros EcoResort was previously a farmhouse dating back to 1497 and known as Can Sala Gros. The location in Vallromanes, paired with the history of the building and the area, inspired us to create the first 100% eco-friendly destination on the peninsula with a bath circuit, in collaboration with the international firm AIRE Ancient Baths.

Vallromanes is just 30 minutes from Barcelona, making it the perfect place for a charming or romantic getaway or simply a relaxing weekend in a stunning natural setting: Parc de la Serralada Litoral.

Our goal has always been to create a hotel that is so much more than just that. We strive to meet the very highest standards of sustainability and all European regulations regarding ecological issues and have created our dream spot, 100% eco-friendly.

Our natural setting, along with the service and facilities at the complex, ensure guests will want for nothing during their stay. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine made with 100% organic produce, enjoying the bounty of the land, as part of what we serve comes from our own gardens.

Mas Salagros
Can Salagros farmhouse dated 1497
Mas Salagros
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Mas Salagros
AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes
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Embrace the slow movement: disconnect and relax at our EcoResort in the heart of a nature reserve just outside Barcelona.

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