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COVID-19 Measures

Our guests, their health and wellbeing, are our top priority

We are committed

Our guests, their health and wellbeing, are our top priority. So, at Mas Salagros we’ve implemented a series of additional cleaning, hygiene and physical distancing measures and protocols to ensure the safety of all our guests and our whole team.

These measures are in line with the recommendations of health and hygiene experts, healthcare authorities and the World Health Organization.

We know that some of the measures affect the comforts our guests usually enjoy during their stay, but we ask you to understand that these protocols are necessary and have been enacted with everyone’s best interests in mind.




Preventive safety and hygiene measures

Preventive safety and hygiene measures

In the rooms

  1. We thoroughly disinfect the room after each check-out.
  2. We wash all bed linens and towels at laundry services certified in controlling biocontamination.
  3. While cleaning the room, we remove dirty linens in a sealed bag, and they don’t have any contact with the clean ones.
  4. We disinfect all surfaces, furniture and elements in the room and bathroom with powerful disinfectants approved for the purpose with the utmost guarantees of safety.

At Reception

  1. We have a thermal imaging camera that shows the body temperature of guests and employees.
  2. We clean any elements, devices, surfaces and furnishings that are in contact with our guests on an ongoing basis.
  3. Option to check in online.
  4. We have a new mobile application to open the rooms.
  5. We have new PPE (personal protective equipment) for our guests and workers: Hand sanitiser and masks
  6. Hotel staff will not be able to park guests’ cars.

Food service

  1. Breakfast: We offer schedules to enjoy breakfast in shifts, thus reducing capacity
  2. The restaurant’s menus will be available via a QR code given to diners on a single-use business card.
  3. We will remove decorations and shared items and ensure all cutlery, glassware and table linens are meticulously cleaned and disinfected.
  4. Any surfaces and furnishings that are in contact with our guests will be cleaned on an ongoing basis.
  5. Capacity has been updated at the restaurants to ensure safe distancing between diners.
  6. The tables and chairs will be disinfected after each use.

In common areas


  1. We recommend using the stairs over the lift.
  2. At the pool: we will ensure there is a safe distance between lounge chairs and provide hand sanitiser upon request.
  3. Activities: capacity will be strictly controlled for all activities to ensure proper distancing.
  4. Gym: the facility will remain closed all day and only be opened upon request for one person or one family unit at a time.
  5. Access to AIRE Ancient Baths: the capacity of our spa will be limited. 

Covid Passport

In reference to your next stay we inform you that, following the new rule decreed by the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya as of Friday 12/3/2021 it will be mandatory to have the Covid Passport to be able to access all our restaurant areas (restaurants, bar) and gym. In compliance with this standard, this certificate can be requested at any time by our staff in order to access the aforementioned services. Children under 12 years of age are exempt.

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