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02 Oct 2018

The history of Mas Salagros

Mas Salagros EcoResort is the very first 100% eco-friendly resort in the Iberian Peninsula. It is situated in Vallromanes, surrounded by the Serralada Litoral protected park. In other words, it represents the perfect combination of rural surroundings and total relaxation, as well as all the comforts visitors might need, while remaining sustainable.

Mas Salagros also boasts three restaurants offering organic, Mediterranean cuisine and a stunning thermal space managed by AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes. The EcoResort’s objective is that of being much more than a hotel while practising responsible, sustainable tourism.

Nowadays, couples and families alike come to Mas Salagros to enjoy all this EcoResort near Barcelona has to offer… But how did it all start?

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Mas Salagros
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Vallromanes and Can Sala Gros


It all started when the Romans decided to use Vallromanes’ current location as a route to other points around the Iberian Peninsula. This is how the main streets and the municipality as a whole started to form. With time, a Romanesque church and several of the masías farmhouses we see to this day were built. One such masía is Can Sala Gros, which is currently part of the Vallromanes estate.

The first documented evidence of Can Sala Gros dates back to 1497, although all the evidence points at an earlier settlement. The masía is a detached house to which other buildings and facilities have been gradually annexed over the years to become the 100% sustainable EcoResort we see today. That being said, we have aimed to respect all the historical, structural and even decorative elements of the original building wherever possible. 

Vallromanes’ origins are also based on wine trading and leading peaceful lives away from the big city. This is the philosophy that has been transmitted to the Mas Salagros EcoResort.


Present-day Mas Salagros


Its location in Vallromanes and the history of the area and the estate itself have served as inspiration for the project, and because of this, Mas Salagros’ objective was always that of creating a hotel that took it a step further. Through hard work and determination, we managed to arrive at the 100% eco-friendly space we always dreamt about.

The original farmhouse currently houses the EcoResort’s reception, the Espígol, Romaní, Farigola and Salvia suites and the AIRE Ancient Baths thermal space.

Nowadays, Mas Salagros is an exclusive EcoResort just near enough to Barcelona so you may visit without too much trouble, while also remaining sufficiently far away, all amid spectacular surroundings so you may truly disconnect.

Discover Mas Salagros

Embrace the slow movement: disconnect and relax at our EcoResort in the heart of a nature reserve just outside Barcelona.

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