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The natural secrets at Mas Salagros

Find out about the wildlife that lives around our ecoResort

The natural secrets at Mas Salagros

  • Mas Salagros
    Catalan / Spanish / English
  • Mas Salagros
    Parc of the Serralada Litoral
  • Serralada Litoral wildlife

    Enjoy a fun, relaxed and easy stroll on which an expert will tell you about the critters that live in the wild around our ecoResort. On the stroll, we will pause at various points to learn about the traces they leave behind, their sounds, tracks, habitats and eating habits. Some of them are nocturnal, some of them fly and some of them will be watching us from their hiding places.

    *Minimum 4 years old

There are no future dates available for this activity.
Mas Salagros Mas Salagros