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Fragrance workshop

Create your Fragrance by being inspired by the aromas of the natural environment of Mas Salagros

Learn to make your fragrance from the hand of an expert biologist in ecosystems

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  • Natural fragrance workshop

    Did you know that memories associated with smells remain in our memory for longer?

    At Mas Salagros we want you to live an unforgettable experience creating a perfume that immortalizes this unique moment.

    First we will walk around the EcoResort to learn about the plants that surround the environment. The workshop will continue in a room at Mas Salagros where you can experiment with essential oils until you find the combination that you like best, led by a biologist guide specializing in ecosystems.

    Finally you will be able to apply the personalized formula in a jar and take it home.

    The workshop includes:

    • Professional local guide
    • Walk through nature and collection of aromatic plants
    • Introduction to perfumery
    • Materials and essential oils
    • Your personalized 50ml perfume


    *Minimum number of people: 6
    In case of not reaching the minimum capacity the hotel reserves the right to cancel the activity

    ** Cancellation policy 48 hours before.

There are no future dates available for this activity.
Mas Salagros
Mas Salagros
Mas Salagros
Mas Salagros Mas Salagros